Thigh Plate and Holster / Accessory

The T.O.E.® and Italian VEGA-HOLSTER® brands share the holster and thigh strap market. Selected in order to meet the requirements of professionals, some of the VEGA-HOLSTER® thigh straps and holsters are equipped with the advanced technology "VEGATEK" (polymer Holsters and accessories) ensuring a lightweight product, dimensionally stable for the ideal positioning of a weapon. The Cordura® holsters with dual-retention can be worn discreetly with the cartridge clip securely or flexibly at the waist - a nice complement to this range. T.O.E.® products are, in turn, designed to be able to hold all types of automatic pistols within the Armed Forces and the Law Enforcement Authorities. All of the pistols with or without tactical flashlight; the 2 models being the MOD One and MOD One2 holsters, are made out of Ripstop®. Available in right and left handed versions, all of of these products are offered for most part in 3 colours: black, olive drab and camouflage

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