Soundproof Supreme Pro headphones olive drab

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The Law Enforcement and Armed Forces, exposed to a wide variety of threats and physical attacks, must be able to rely on their individual protective equipment at all times; MSA offers a wide range of suitable high-tech products for communication solutions and optimal ear and eye protection for the military and special forces.
From an ergonomic design to a reputed reliability and from unrivaled ballistic performance to guaranteed protection, MSA has over the years become the global security partner for the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and Civil Security.

MSA equips:

In France:
• GIGN (Intervention helmets, combat helmets, communication systems, filter cartridges, gas detectors)
• FIPN, RAID (intervention helmets, combat helmets, communication systems)
• ALFUSCO, Marine Commandos (intervention helmets, combat helmets, communication systems, gas detectors)
• 1°RPIMA (intervention helmets, combat helmets)
• FAC and JTAC: Advanced air controllers from the army in Afghanistan (Military communications systems => Air guiding systems for aircrafts and fighter planes as support for the ground troops)
• National Police (anti-blow intervention helmets, MO bulletproof helmets, gas masks, filters ...)
• Gendarmerie (MO bulletproof helmets, filters)

In Europe:
• Danish Army, Austrian Army, German Army (helmets, gas masks, filters ...)
• German Police
• Greek Police
• A large number of NATO countries

In the U.S.A:
• US Military, SWAT, State Police (helmets, communication systems, gas masks, filters ...)

Germany +:
• For fire helmets = a large majority of French Firemen
• For pilot helmets = Hunting (Rafale, Mirage), Helicopters (Gendarmerie, Civil Security, ALAT)
• Flagship Products: MSA manufactures the FELIN helmet or the basic helmet for the TIGER helicopter....

Main Features:
- Profiled Shells to accommodate right or left handed shooters
- Neckband
- Two separate and well-protected microphones for precise localization of the sound
- High amplification and natural sound reproduction without cuts or interruptions
- Audio input (AUX) for connecting external audio sources, such as a radio
- Cable with a 3.5mm jack mono included

Soundproof Supreme Pro headphones olive drab


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