Rangers Intervention Boots

T.O.E. Concept offers a wide range of MAGNUM® boots; the boots meet the needs of intervention professionals and of all the requirements once in the field: resistant, reliable, lightweight and ergonomic. By working closely with their clients, MAGNUM® has designed boots with specific technical features to correspond to all profiles in the intervention field: Military, Law Enforcement, Task Forces, Police, Private Security, Fire-fighters. This innovative development has allowed MAGNUM® boots to be named world leader in intervention footwear. The boot range is certified ISO 20347 and 20345 and uses the latest technological improvements such as Sympatex®, Vibram®, Ion Mask® and YKK® zips. The MAGNUM® boots are popular with professionals for their technology, performance and comfort. All the models are unisex and available in sizes 35 to 48 to suit both a male and a female customer base.

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