Intervention Gloves / Mittens

T.O.E. Concept presents its full range of intervention gloves and mittens, specially designed for the military, law enforcement officers, the police and private security. The range consists of mittens, intervention gloves and shooting gloves made from leather, neoprene rubber and Kevlar, and of cut and stab-proof gloves with knuckle protectors. Made from beautiful leatherwear and fine materials, this glove collection is proud to be ergonomic, comfortable and solid, and also stands out for its design and quality. Tested and certified, these perfectly cut and finished intervention gloves are designed for a large-range or a specific kind of use. Perfectly adapted to the reality of combat mission work, they will accompany the user in each and every mission.

The T.O.E. gloves, in particular the leather ATAC mittens and gloves, are ideal for everyday use thanks to their design and chosen materials.

MECHANIX WEAR, whose aim is to maximize security and to protect the individual, are the innovative leaders in high-performance gloves.

The VEGA HOLSTER gloves stand out through their original design and are characterized by their Italian craftsmanship and the quality of the leather.

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