Coat / Jacket / Parka / Poncho

The T.O.E.® brand - Tactical Outdoor Equipment- offers a wide selection of coats, soft shells, jackets and parkas specially designed to meet the professional needs of the military, police and even security guards. Designed and developed to aid trained professionals in their duties, T.O.E. intervention clothing uses materials such as cotton, polyester, fleece and spandex; T.O.E. clothing, depending on the chosen model, is waterproof, warm, comfortable, resistant, breathable, thermo-regulating ... The flagship products from the T.O.E. collection are the Recon and Phantom jackets, the black OPS and EVO fleece jackets, the Canyon jackets and the Softshell Storm and Dynamic jackets. Choose your equipment to suit your mission or task! Find the right equipment for your needs among our selected products. Trust the T.O.E.® signature for your professional tactical equipment.

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